Recently whilst on holiday in the Caribbean I strolled along the golden sandy beach with the sun beating down on my head, it felt really good and there were many reasons to be cheerful. I walked down the pier and at the end of the pier was a gazebo with deck chairs.

I sat in the deck chair and viewed the turquoise and dark blue Caribbean Sea, which was almost panoramic, the waves was pretty much in harmony and in sequence, after sitting there for about a minute I realised that I was far away enough from the resort to not hear the activities and the gazebo was providing a perfect shelter from the blazing sun and was acting as a cool breeze trap. Suddenly my holiday went from a good one to a great one. I was experiencing a perfect wellbeing moment.

The challenge was for me to now let this perfect moment run its course, without me trying to introduce anything into it, that meant I had to relax my mind to complement my relaxed environment. I had to turn down noisy thought conversations in my mind and all forms of distractions so I could harness that moment for as long as possible.

My mind wanted to wonder off and think about things I hadn’t done that day and think about all the things that I could be doing elsewhere, I wanted to get my smartphone out and take pictures but I couldn’t trust myself to not look at emails or start surfing the web or posting my experience on Twitter, Instagram, periscope or some other social media app. If I wasn’t careful I could very easily lose a perfect moment.

It is said that the mind thinks up to 80,000 thoughts a day, the thoughts that matter however are the ones you pay attention to.

Quieting the mind is such an important aspect of being able to function optimally but it does take discipline and commitment.

Now you may not be able to walk on the beach, the pier, or find a gazebo in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, but I strongly believe that you can create perfect moments in your life where ever you are. Create space in your diary for you to experience a perfect wellbeing moment every day, a place where you can still your mind and appreciate all that life brings to you. It might be appreciating the sunset, the children playing in the park, the view in the countryside or the beautiful view from your office block.

You may find that doing something new creates perfect moments. Perhaps you should walk instead of driving, join a gym, talk to someone you wouldn’t usually talk to, do a painting, read a new style of literature or set a goal with an action plan on how to achieve it. Try to create a wellbeing moment when life throws you a curveball.

In every adverse situation of your life, you will find that there are always wellbeing moments constantly passing by – you may not have to work as hard at it as you think you do to appreciate them.

If you could bottle that perfect moment Wellbeing moment and take it with you what would it look like?