As mentioned in my previous post I’ve talked about those people who require a change but actually never achieve the change they want in their lives. In this article I want to discuss with you what happens when you have started the process of change by setting the goals, putting your action plan in place and your seem to be well on their way in transitioning.

After gathering much contemplative information about the journey including the who where why when and how The journey begins and you seem well under way to achieving your goal.

Unfortunately For many people they get stuck in the middle of the transition at a place called ‘To’. E.g. good to great, this to that. The ‘To’ place is what I will call a cocoon for the purpose of this exercise.

A very lonely place where you are neither this nor that, here or there, that place of darkness uncertainty and the complete absence of actuality and presence, almost nothingness. ‘To’ is a crucible place of testing, a place where you are no longer a caterpillar who in all is glory had 100 legs furry skin and was easily identified by most children, who forces it self into a cocoon with the hope and dream of one day becoming a butterfly.

The thing I’ve realised about the ‘To’ place is that although there appears to be a sense of nothingness, it is the stage where the amazing transformation takes place. It’s where you will receive good instructions and sometimes a very clear on how to become. The challenge is when we focus on our ‘To’ place it is very difficult to have clarity to listen to the instructions.

Recognising that there is nothing wrong with the ‘To’ place will help you go through the process and not get stuck at ‘To’.

Been stuck at two and focusing on your cocoon actually damages your well-being. It is important to recognise the change by not resisting the change.

Change happens and the process is really important to the success of change