Whenever Im doing a group coaching session or training session on transformations, I often ask to see a show of hands as to who would like a change, usually at least 7/10 people respond with a categoric yes. If I ask the group to individually write down what change they require their listings is quite diverse and range from changing their unreliable car for a new car, to a change in their behaviour or even a change in their environment.

The fact is that that not many people who actually want to experience the change they desire accomplish it. The reason for this is that there are two types of change the first one is what Is called a technical change. The technical change is where you have the skill, capacity and the knowledge required to change the thing you want to change. For a lot of people this type of change is relatively easy and is quite subjective and is not necessarily noted as a major accomplishment and provides a low level of reward.

The second type of change is what we call adaptive. Adaptive changes when something seems to be quite pressing or urgent and is outside of the realm of your own ability to get the task done.

With adaptive change you actually don’t know the outcome, yet you realise that the current situation requires a necessary change. Adaptive change may require something that you currently feel you don’t have, to be acquired first in order to get the task done, for example, it could be a spiritual matter, it could be a pressing financial matter, or it could be a matter that requires a number of people to collectively make a decision in order for the change to take place.

We know change is hard, why? Habits and anxiety.

Treat change as a project, enlist allies, be fair, share credit and plan for backsliding, just seek to understand it. Give yourself time. celebrate success, who needs to know, make sure they do.