What types of goals can professional coaching help me with?

Professional Coaching is also known as Executive Coaching. This type of coaching is usually work related and helps individuals to become highly effective, prepare for the next season, embrace change, seek a new position or make difficult decisions.

Professional Coaching is extremely effective when:

    • Root and branch reform is needed to establish a new corporate culture
    • When there is an acquisition or merger
    • Downsizing
    • Identifying performance issues and helping individuals to focus and set appropriate yet challenging goals
    • Used as a reflective mirror privately, especially amongst those who lead and cannot divulge their mind to colleagues or staff without having a coherent strategy
    • It is working agreement between the coach and the client for a defined period of time with measurable outcomes
    • Client needs to support to develop their authentic leadership style
    • Creating a vision, establishing a mission and embedding values through corporate beliefs.
    • Embedding resilience in self and teams

The coaching process

A discounted 30-minute assessment session with one of our professional development experts help establish your specific coaching need.

Choosing the right coach to work with you is fundamentally important. the right relationship mix is the most important aspect of coaching. Many factors influence the selection process to include, experience, sector knowledge, compatibility, cultural sensitivity and location.

Setting clear outcome-based objectives with your coach is paramount. This way we will know if you are on track to achieving the required goal. This section includes the number and frequency of sessions.

Use of charts, action plans, affirmations, role play, diagnostic tools, measuring tools and assessment results to shape your coaching sessions.

Your coaching sessions will take place at an agreed time over a set period.  The setting must be safe, convenient and comfortable and allow parties to be really open and honest.

Evaluate, review, identify success and strategise your next next steps.

This is another very important element in coaching because it is something that must be done by you and by this stage you will be equipped with the right tools to put your strategy into practice.

After three months we will meet again to discuss how you have implemented your strategies and measure your outcomes in the way of a post-assessment.

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